Global South Should Value Putin’s ‘Selfless, Courageous’ Efforts to Counter West & NATO, Expert Says

By Rasina Musallimova
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Thursday’s “Results of the Year with Vladimir Putin” Q&A session and presser garnered significant attention and unleashed a new wave of discussions on Russia’s role in international relations, the US-led Western dominance, the emerging Global South.
The Global South should appreciate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “selfless, courageous, uneasy” efforts in countering the West and NATO, Professor in Political Science Department, Faculty Of Social Sciences in Nigeria’s Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Chukwuemezie Raphael Eze told Sputnik Africa.
“I agree in toto with all of President Putin’s assertions. The citizens of Russia and indeed, those of the entire Global South should ‘realistically’ understand and appreciate President Putin’s selfless, courageous [and] uneasy efforts in countering Western-NATO Imperialistic conspiracies against Russian Sovereignty and global influence,” the expert reflected on Putin’s Thursday speech.
November 15, 2023. Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of presenting state awards to representatives of the electoral commissions of the Russian Federation, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Russian electoral system. - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 14.12.2023

Takeaways From Putin’s Annual Press Conference, Q&A Session
He added that the Western countries are “bent on unquestionable global imposition of negative western Neocolonial interests and values.”
The important role of Putin and Russia on the world arena, especially for the Global South, was also highlighted by another expert, Riadh Sidaoui, a Swiss writer and political scientist of Tunisian origin. He told Sputnik Africa that the Russian leader is “the most visible, most famous and acclaimed figure in world politics for many years,” who gave the countries of the Global South “a chance to free themselves” from the US dominance.
On Thursday, the Russian president answered questions from journalists and citizens in a live broadcast as a part of the annual “Results of the Year with Vladimir Putin” program.

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