“Anti-Semitism” is France’s Excuse for Revenge Against the Muslim Community

“Anti-Semitism” is France’s Excuse for Revenge Against the Muslim Community

By Mohamed Meslem / English Version: Med.B.

The scarecrow of “anti-Semitism” has turned into an ugly tool used by the French authorities to attack members of the Algerian and Muslim community residing on its territory, in a miserable scene that reveals the fall of the values of freedom, equality and human rights that Paris has always praised and tried to promote as purely French values.
The most recent chapter of these practices that brought down the French mask was the deportation operation that claimed the life of the Algerian imam, Mohamed Tatiat, who was preaching in a mosque in the city of Toulouse in the south of France on Friday, April 19, 2023, after he was accused of inciting hatred and violence against the Jews. This is the charge that has been fabricated and used by Paris against Algerians and Muslims in general.
The French Minister of the Interior, Gerard Moussa Darmanin, previously said in a tweet on the “X” or “Twitter” platform that “the immigration law (allowed) once again for an imam in Toulouse who incites hatred and has been sentenced by the court to be expelled to his country in less than 24 hours, With the aim of depriving him of his legal rights to oppose this unjust decision.
One of the deported Imam’s lawyers considered that the expulsion decision, which he said was made “by military force,” according to Professor Jean Iglesias, “was not an emergency because he has been in France for 40 years and has children and works here, and he has not made any noise for seven years. Years, and now he is on a plane to Algeria”.
Two days after the unjust deportation, a hearing was to be held (Monday, April 22, 2024) to consider an urgent petition filed by the imam’s lawyer regarding this expulsion decision before the Administrative Court in Paris, according to the lawyer, who described: “What is happening is somewhat dangerous. “It is a challenge to the principles of defense and justice.”
Agence France-Presse quoted the deported imam’s lawyer as saying that he was unable to communicate with his client while he was being deported at Toulouse airport, which is considered a flagrant violation of French law and the rights of the victim, who has lived in France for about forty years and is now exiled far from the country. His wife and children live in France.
What is interesting about this case is that it dates back to 2017, when the Imam was accused of inciting hatred after his sermon, but the expulsion process was to take place on the fifth of April this year, at a time when the Zionist entity is experiencing unprecedented isolation in the world due to its brutal and barbaric crimes. Against the defenseless Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
The imam had previously been accused by an Israeli watchdog of receiving his salary from Algeria, and of making statements described as anti-Semitic in an Arabic-language sermon he delivered in 2017. However, the imam denied the accusations against him, saying: “I was never anti-Semitic.” He was acquitted, but the Zionist influence exerting strong pressure on decision-makers in France proved the charge after the appeal process.
A few weeks ago, the French authorities expelled the Tunisian Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi on the same charge of incitement to hatred and anti-Semitism, “for his sermons which included hateful incitements against women and Jews,” and did not give him the opportunity to contest the decision taken against him, since he was kidnapped and deported before his legal rights were exhausted. .
In this context, the French newspaper Le Monde, in its edition of Friday, April 19, completed a long investigation under the title “French Muslims, temptations to leave”, in which it exposed the racial and religious discrimination to which members of the Muslim community residing in France are subjected, and also spoke of reverse immigration. For the people of this community to escape the hell of suffering they are experiencing in a country that was called “the country of freedoms and human rights”.
The newspaper interviewed many members of the Muslim community and received moving testimonies from them, including one from a young man who said that since the beginning of the Zionist aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied territories, he has not spoken out for fear of being falsely accused of incitement to hatred and anti-Semitism.


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