Italy Focuses On “Fiat Algeria” And Relies On Local Potential

Italy Focuses On “Fiat Algeria” And Relies On Local Potential

Sid Ahmed Falahi / English Version: Med.B.

The Italian ambassador to Algeria, Alberto Cotello, confirmed that his country’s government is following the “Fiat Algeria” project with great interest and greater confidence in Algerian teams capable of achieving outstanding results in the automotive industry.
Speaking from Oran on Tuesday, the ambassador said that Italy is ready to continue to accompany Algeria in the field of automotive production on the basis of the “win-win” principle that characterizes the bilateral partnership between the two friendly countries, which will be clearly evident in the near future.
This came during the meeting with the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, to discuss partnership agreements between the Fiat Algeria factory and operators in the field of components and spare parts.
The meeting was attended by the President of the National People’s Assembly, the Director General of the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency, the President of the Algerian Council for Economic Renewal, the General Manager of the Stellantis Group for the Middle East and North Africa, and representatives of local and foreign suppliers and handlers.
During the coordination meeting, an inventory of the current capacities available to the Fiat Algeria plant was discussed, especially after strengthening the partnership with more than one handling organization representing 7 foreign countries, as the meeting was an opportunity for more than 90 handlers and commercial addresses specialized in the field of spare parts.
In his speech, the Minister of Industry stated that the partnership agreement between the “Stellantis” complex and the local distributors represents a new and important stage in the development of the automotive industry and the creation of a network of distributors capable of offering a product that meets international standards and that is as far away as possible from “bricolage” that does not serve the young industry.
Today, as Aoun said, the Ministry is based on a new strategy built on solid foundations to revive the development of the mechanical industry, as this new trend aims to create and strengthen a fabric of small and medium enterprises in the field of handling to ensure local integration and stimulate technological and scientific development.
The Minister pointed out that the current situation is characterized by a favorable business climate capable of attracting local and foreign investments, in light of the legal and regulatory stability that grants advantages and guarantees to investors, similar to the new Investment Law, as well as the Law on Commercial Real Estate, which came to facilitate the procedures for benefiting from industrial-oriented real estate so as To embrace investment projects, as he put it.
This cooperation, Aoun added, forms the basis for a lasting and fruitful partnership, in order to embody real and lasting partnerships between the “Stellantis” complex and its handlers, with the aim of creating wealth and jobs, employing unemployed people with skills, and correcting the omissions and mistakes that occurred in previous experiences.
For his part, the Director of the Middle East and Africa Operations of the “Stellantis” Complex, Samir Cherfane, confirmed that the “Fiat Algeria” project has the first integrated environmental system for cars in Algeria, and that the treatment companies can join it. It is a system in place in countries around the world and aims to protect the environment and human health at the same time.


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